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This Is Judy Brown

**Exploring The Vixen Within**

1 July
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I am an Office Administrator by day and at night I come out to play.

I have only been a Pleasure Consultant for a short while, but it is truly me. It gives me the opportunity to explore my deepest desires in a safe, sane, and consensual context.

I was born in Kitwe Zambia and lived on a farm I was the only girl with 3 brothers, need I say this meant my virtue was very much protected. Might I say this became very frustrating, as I could not practice my budding sensuality. I only learnt about my sensuality in my 20’s so now making up for lost time knowing there is a thousand and one ways to please and be pleased and always hungry for more, guess I’m not Daddy’s little girl any more.

I revel in the freedom of being an unapologetic passionate woman, unafraid to dabble in everything from the darkest side of psych-sexual desires to the sweeter side of love making…. I have a particular affinity for BDSM and Roll Play. It helps me to create your fantasy more realistically for you. I truly enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure, and nothing turns me on more than hearing you get aroused…..tell me your deepest fantasy all I want to do is to please you. Lustful thoughts Judy