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This Is Judy Brown

**Exploring The Vixen Within**

3/5/06 06:45 am - When All A Girl Needs Is A Man…

These freezing nights we’ve been having are driving me up the wall…I haven’t been able to get out and not to mention, have a good pussy service. I bet some of you are thinking…where is my man…Well…Seriously, I just don’t have time for anything relating to the word “commitment” right now! But when the days are short and nights are long…all a girl needs, is a good man…who’ll hold them in his arms, kiss her all over…caress her…fondle her…love her…and best of all keep her warm. *brrrr*

2/19/06 03:36 pm - Sunday

I sit here in my room, bored stiff. The sun’s got me this time. Absolutely nothing to do. My heads going round and round, maybe I’ve been thinking about Mr. Wonderful too much…Speaking of such beautiful people I still have to tell you what happened after the “meeting” Mark and I had. Still going strong I think…Well there’s still much to do at the moment, so I’m going to cut it short.

Will update soon

2/4/06 03:47 am - Dilemma

What a day...Did the usual…shopping as you all know...Went for girlie things and so on…oh not forgetting perved on some beautiful guys...But Oh My God...when the time came to pay for the goods...My credit card was maxed out and I didn't have my others with me...So there I was stuck at the till trying to explain that they should try one more time…this happened about 5 times...with an embarrassed look upon my face...Behind me was a gentlemen, well so to speak…Hot, Gorgeous and looked very loaded…He offered to help me…I declined…*just like my credit card was* *giggles to self*. I eventually got everything sorted out. But noticed that the guy had slipped his number over to me…I looked at him and asked…Why wanna give me your number when we can chat right now…He grinned, with delight. I felt an urgency to hold him…But kept myself back. We both agreed to go for lunch and get to know each other better. What a man. Decent and so polite…not to mention, stunning smile! It hasn’t even been a day and his called me twice…Oh My God, could this lead to something better? Could he be the one? All these thoughts now run, distant in my mind. Another thought would definitely be…How would he make love to me? How would he satisfy every need and desire I hold inside? Am I needy of a man right now? Should I call him or not? Or am I just procrastinating a bit too much? I just can’t stop thinking about him! I guess it’s strange in a good kind of way…though I know that I’m not falling for him…or could I? You’ll definitely be informed on what’s to come…but for now…I’m off to bed…

*hugs and kisses*

1/29/06 07:02 pm - Bored To Death

I sit alone in my room…staring out the window…waiting for the phone to ring…I needed to fuck so badly…I pop in a DVD, watch those hot men fuck those tiny blondes…What I wouldn’t do to be one of them right now…I reach for my dildo…Slide it over my long pussy lips…Shivers down my spine…Arching my back…As I slip it into my tight already wet cunt…I push it deeper…Oh fuck yes…that feels so good…I start picking up the pace…increasing the motions and various movements…I’m so horny I could cum any second now…With that…I came all over the dildo…I lay there…on my bed…One hand on my breast...satisfied…Now ready for bed…

1/28/06 06:46 pm - Tease Then Please

Pretending to be your call-girl one night, I come around looking just right,
to your front door in my spike-healed boots, Anxious to see if the outfit suits.

Taking time as if not to tear paper, you lift my skirt and then say "wait here."
Turning on the lights of the Christmas tree, you’re back unwrapping the package that's me.

Pushing towards the window and into the chair, the cars driving by all catch a stare,
as you part my legs wide with your knees, at me arching back with a need to please.

Then down before me on your knees, nibbling passionately you begin to tease,
Tracing my panties with your nose, savouring the fragrance, your eyes gently closed.

Caressing petals with your chin, you cause my mouth to form a grin,
Sighing as you lick with leisure, a cone full of your favourite flavour.

Not content with this petting for long, like a cat, the urge so strong,
I begin to purr in reverie, spreading my lips, wet with honey.

Using my fingers to stir the flow, knowing you like watching the show,
To your mouth I offer a taste, and you don't let a drop go to waste.

Whispering, "Tell me what you need," No more time for play, I plead,
"I will do anything you ask, fulfilling your fantasy is my task."

1/27/06 08:44 am - A Guy In Lust Or Love?

I don’t know where to start…Maybe its lust or love…I have this guy who is over the moon about me. I don’t want him to get to close because I’m not sure where all of this will be leading too. At the same time I want him to adore me to bits and worship me. I haven’t played with him as of yet…But when I do…you guys will be the first to know…
So let me go…I’ve got to plan “some things”.

1/26/06 08:03 am - Update

Not much being going on for me over the last week or so… as I decided that I needed to catch my breath and take time off to re-assure myself that I was achieving my dreams and goals…result… um… let me think… yes right on track…I am at peace with my being now and ready to play again…I am going to attend my first Moot tonight I will let you know how it went…well as I said not much news but will keep you posted

1/11/06 03:01 pm - I'm So Happy

Wow have I had an exciting week…all the kittens are back in the house including Michelle after her extended leave…so spent time catching up on all the things they have done while on leave… I am not going to spoil it as I am sure they are going to tell you about their adventures…A big thank you to those that welcomed Donna back it did the trick she felt so welcome…Then yippee… I am now on the net so for those of you that have been asking go and check it out www.decadentangels.co.za

OMG I just have to tell you about this mechanic at the garage … he is hot… there is just something about a man in overhauls with a little bit of grease and grime that turns me on…. will be developing engine trouble this week (any ideas as to what I can do to the car not to cause too much trouble but enough to have it checked out) as I would love to be bent over the car bonnet by him…keep you posted

1/6/06 04:18 pm - This And That

By now you know we are all settled in our new home in our new City of Johannesburg…Tammy my self and Jared spent our first Christmas together wishing for the new year so we could have all the other kittens back in the house…but much excitement this week as Gigi has joined the house look out for her LJ to give you a taste she is the African Princess of the house and wow she exudes the seductive passion of Africa…if some of you lucky guys have already spoken to her you will know exactly what I mean…then Donna arrives this afternoon we have missed her like crazy…I really need you guys to help make sure that when she logs onto her LJ there are welcome messages for her please, please, please guys it will really make her feel special her address is Decadent Donna…we are all of course going to go out and explore the city be sure to watch out for our LJ’s as there are knowing us…going to be many an adventure to be told…if you know what I mean *wink* apart from Tammy I already feel quite at home being the only kitten that actually moved in December the other kittens deciding they wanted to be on holiday Oh! Well never mind I at least had such wonderful time chatting to all the delicious guys and not forgetting you gals that goes without saying…well must dash so that’s all for now.

12/27/05 10:14 pm - Some Questions

As per instructions of geekhorndog

1. Would you fuck me/let me fuck you?

2. What positions?

3. Would you go down on me?

4. Would You fuck me hard?

5. Would I fuck you the first night we met?

6. Would You let me pull your hair while we fucked? Or would you pull mine?

7. Would we fuck in the shower?

8. Would You handcuff me or tie me to the bed and then fuck me, or let me do that to you?

9. Would you have a 3-some with me?

10. What about me makes you want me?

11. Would you talk dirty while we fucked?

12. What locations would we fuck?

13. Would we do it in front of people?

14. Would we fuck more than once?

15. Would we fuck in the rain?

16. Would you have phone sex with me?

17. Would you cheat on me?

18. Would you break my heart?

19. If I gave you my heart would you love it or let it go?

20. Would you fuck me once and leave me the next day?

21. Would you tell me the truth no matter what it is or what you do?

22. Are you gonna re-post this to see if and how I want to fuck you ?
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